Ziggy’s Story

Ziggy Dog with Lisa McCabe Stardust Doggy Care Holistic therapies

Ziggy Dog with Lisa McCabe Stardust Doggy Care Holistic therapies

These days we hear about holistic health and the powers of essential oils a lot, however, this phenomenon is not new, in fact, natural remedies have been used for millennia. 

Natural plant-based medicines are powerful and can aid the healing process of many ailments. Not only is this much safer and healthier for our bodies but also more highly cost-effective. 

Dogs respond incredibly well to holistic treatments such as Reiki and Massage as they are gentle, non-invasive and can provide an overall relaxing experience. 

A few years ago I decided I wanted to help dogs more with their health and have always had a keen interest in holistic therapy and essential oils I decided to study aromatherapy, which would qualify me to make my own natural medicinal blends and help the dogs I work with as naturally as possible. The fact that I’ve saved a whack on vet bills is just a bonus! 
In Autumn 2019, Ziggy had an episode of Vestibular Disease which although common in older dogs, the cause is unknown. 

It is similar to a stroke and movement and balance is affected. Although most dogs recover, in some serious cases it can lead to death. 
We were out on our usual walk, Zig had run off to explore but that’s not unusual, he always comes back. When 15 minutes or so passed however I started to worry. I made my way back to the car as sometimes he meets me there but on the way, I could see to the main road beyond the car park and realised Zig was heading for there. Totally out of character, so I started to run towards him, as I got closer I could tell something was not quite right. Ziggy’s balance was all over the place, as I got to him I could see his head was slightly tilted to one side and his eyes were rolling. I was terrified but it was also 2:50 pm and I needed to pick my daughter up at 3 from school. So, I scooped Ziggy up, no mean feat as he’s 26 kilos! and I rang the vet en route to school,. I explained the situation and they told me to bring him straight in. 

I left Ziggy in the car to run into school and collect my girl, I was literally gone for 10 minutes, maybe less but Zig had deteriorated he was unable to stand and had wet all over the car, which is not like him at all, my boy can hold it like a camel! 

When we arrived at the vet Ziggy was gravely unwell and the vet explained Vestibular Disease to me and that the next 24-48 hours would be crucial. 
I was a mess, my whole family was. Ziggy is the backbone of our wee family, he’s my rock, my best friend, my business partner and one of the main reasons I’m still here today! 

Over the next 24 hours, although Ziggy managed to eat he was unable to stand unaided and this continued into the next day. 
At this point, one of the junior vets had a discussion with us and said we really should prepare to make a decision regarding Ziggy’s end of life. I was devastated, I wasn’t ready to lose him. 

I asked to speak with the head vet as I’ve known him for a very long time, he is aware of my work and knew what Ziggy means to us. Whilst we chatted I cradled Ziggy in my arms and I could tell the stubborn big bugger was huffing with me, he was pissed that I’d left him in the vet for 2 days. 
I tried him with some homemade food I brought and he ate it up right there and he also allowed me to walk him around the room, although still in a sling it was progress. 

Right there the vet could see my devotion to Zig and his to me. We agreed that I would take Ziggy home and try holistic therapy on him to see if he would improve. 
That night, I gave Ziggy a 30 minute Reiki treatment and I also massaged him with an essential oil blend. I made him the biggest comfiest bed I could and diffused the blend I’d massaged him with through the house constantly. I also got him up every hour to walk a little around the living room. 

The next morning Ziggy looked a bit brighter and even barked when the door went. I knew right then my boy was fighting to get back to me. 
As the day went on Ziggy ate all his food and started to walk on his own, although still slightly shaky he was doing it! 

I continued with the Reiki and massage throughout the day and diffused the essential oil blend. 
The following day again, Zig was much much stronger, aside from a slight tilt in his head and his back paw being a bit weak, you’d never have known how unwell he had been. 

That afternoon, I took Ziggy for a checkup with the vet and he could not believe how much Zig had come on! Some of the staff who had worked with Ziggy were reduced to tears, seeing how well he now was. Just 2 days earlier, I was told to prepare to say my goodbyes, yet here my best friend, my boy was walking on his own and nudging everyone he met for ear scratches! 
I continued the intensive therapy at home with  Ziggy for about a week and I am thrilled to say he made a full recovery! 

We still do regular weekly Reiki and massage sessions and essential oils are always diffusing in our home. 
Ziggy will be 14 years young on 24th September 2020 and still we get asked if he is a pup! 
He lives life to the full and is always by my side. I 100% believe that the healing properties in the essential oils and the holistic treatments saved my boy. 

I now make it my mission through my business to help as many other dogs as I can with the aid of essential oil blends and holistic therapy. 
If your dog suffers from an ailment and you’re looking for some extra advice or therapy, send me a message and we can come up with a care plan! 

See you on the next Blog 
Lisa xx 

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