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As dog parents we all think we have the most wonderful and perfect companion and do you know what? We are all right we do have the most amazing animals by our side, each and every one of them is perfect and special in their own way.

Every once in a while, we meet that extra special dog, who without even knowing it touches lives in a way they could never imagine.

Us humans could do with taking a leaf out of a dog’s book. They are pure in heart, love ¬†unconditionally and are satisfied with the simplest of things in life. If we all had hearts the size of that of a dog, the world would be a terrific place to live!

Meet Ziggy, Grant and I adopted this beautiful big dope back in 2007, this year he will be 12! How on earth did that happen?

Grant had never owned as much as a goldfish until then, so I was delighted when I had finally worn him down and we went to the SSPCA “just for a look” I knew full well once he had been there and seen the dogs needing homes, we would find that special one to come home with us. We would be introducing our first family member very soon, I was sure of it.

When we got to the SSPCA in Cardonald, Glasgow, there were lots of dogs needing a home but none of them seemed to connect until I wandered up to the very back; there in this solitary kennel was the most beautiful but saddest looking dog I have ever seen. (we now realise this is Ziggy’s default face to get what he wants!)

His big beautiful eyes lit up when I went over to him. He had recently been stung by a wasp and had taken an allergic reaction, so his neck had no fur at the front and he had been living on the streets so was very very thin. He really was a sorry sight.

I knelt down and said hello and the most wonderful thin happened; there was a little pink ball in the kennel, which Ziggy nosed towards me and then walked over for a cuddle. I was instantly in love and knew this was the boy for us.

As this was the Saturday of the September weekend, it was a nervous wait for us until the Tuesday to find out if our application to adopt Ziggy was successful. Thankfully it was and he came home with us the following day.

Ziggy settled in as though he had always been there. He came everywhere with us and was my shadow. I don’t think I could love him and more than I do.

I always say he’s my Mary Poppins dog “practically perfect in every way” Well apart from stealing the covers when he comes into bed with us!

When we were at work the big guy went out with a walker, spending his days with doggy friends going on adventures and I was so jealous being stuck in an office.

In 2009, following a bout of illness I went out for the day with Ziggy and his friends. It was the best day of my life!

At this time, dog walking was a very new business so I spoke with our walker and asked if he would mind if I looked into it. As we lived away from his main area of working, he was only too happy to advise me to go for it.

A few months later Stardust Doggy Care was born, I packed up my career in the corporate world and became a crazy dog lady! Best decision I have ever made.

Over the years Ziggy has become my best friend, my go to guy. He is the most gentle and loving boy and he just knows when I need him, I don’t know how but he just knows.

Following the breakdown of my relationship with my parents in 2012, I suffered from severe depression and although much better, I still battle today. Throughout this process, Ziggy was by my side. Always with a look of love and a cuddle. I fully believe that without the help and support of the big guy I would not be here today.

Ziggy is a big torment to his canine brother Zane, he likes to chase him and play tricks on him, even at 12 he still acts like a 6 month old pup!

He is also a wonderful brother to his human siblings Caoimhe and Cillian, he is so very gentle and loving, they both adore him.

Every once in a while, we are lucky enough to meet dogs like Ziggy, these guys should be honoured and adored as they will never truly know how much they mean to us.

So, grab a cuppa and go snuggle with your bestie.

Love and licks
Lisa and Ziggy


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