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Zane is a 10.5yr old lab / whippet cross and despite adopting him almost 10 years ago, he’s still quite nervous. 

As he also suffers from Epilepsy, we need to manage his anxiety to ensure we ward off any seizures. 
Whatever happened to our boy in the first 6 months of his life must have been so traumatic that the effects are deep rooted. 
We’ve done lots of work with our baby over the years and although we’re his safe haven, he still finds the world a scary place. 
Exercise and diet play a good part in maintaining a balanced and happy head for Zane, however Reiki has been transformative for him!
Reiki sessions allow Zane to fully relax, destress and have some proper chill time. 
Just once a week is enough to make a huge difference to his anxiety levels. 
This means I can pop to the shops, go out for dinner or even just leave the house for a few hours with complete peace of mind and know he won’t be stressed to high heavens when I get home. 
I’m so grateful to have learned this amazing therapy and added another string to my biz bow but most importantly I’m delighted at being able to help my boy like never before 🥰
Reiki can assist dogs with many conditions from stress, anxiety, muscular and skeletal pain right through to mental health and weight issues. 
If your dog would benefit from some “me” time to assist a specific problem, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I can talk you through the process and book your pup in to see me. 
You’ll be so jealous you’ll want a treatment yourself!
See you on the next blog 
Lisa xx