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Why we must not take our dogs for granted...

Life with our dogs is wonderful, well most of the time!

All too often we are so busy living our lives and taking our dogs for granted that all of a sudden one day we realise that our puppy, is no longer a puppy, not even an adolescent but is in fact an older dog.

When this realisation hits, we start to panic a little, time with our dogs is so finite and their life spans so short. We start to think, albeit absent-mindedly, how long do we have?

Both my boys are now old dogs, they are currently 11 and 14 , this seems to have crept up on me all of a sudden as they’ve gone from being pups to older men in the blink of an eye.

Ziggy is starting to slow down, just slightly mind you and both of them have more white in their coats now.

What I’ve learned to appreciate is that with older dogs comes wisdom, a mutual understanding of life, and a bond so deep that it is unbreakable.

Ziggy and Zane are teaching me to slow down and appreciate life more, stop to smell the flowers, look at the stars and watch the waves at the beach. All beautiful amazing things that all too often we would miss by being busy.

My boys need a slower, quieter pace which means I need to be at the top of my game and know what they need and like or dislike.

The Z’s have been very fortunate as we have protected their health since they were pups, not only have they had regular check-ups with the vet but I have created the Stardust product range with them in mind.


We have always used natural alternatives where possible, looked after their diet and treated them to regular holistic therapy treatments.

I wanted my dogs to have the very best in life because they give me everything, including unconditional love.

So, I created my business to help you give your dog the best life has to offer.
The Stardust product range will ensure that your dog’s health is in tip-top condition, without the use of harsh chemicals. There is everything from regular flea and tick treatment, to fun dog bath time kits to joint
care and skin and coat serum.

Then if your dog has a particular ailment such as heart condition, arthritis, tumors etc, the Power Holistic Therapy Treatment can provide a gentle complementary health care solution, which is gentle, relaxing, and non-invasive, which your dog will love you for!

It is important to protect our dog’s health from the very beginning of our relationship with them, so whether your BFF is a pupper, in their twilight years or somewhere in between, I am here to help you both get the very best from life.

We humans are the privileged ones to have the love and companionship of our dogs.

See you on the next Blog

Lisa xxx