Why Mums & Dads Can’t Come Out With The Gang

mums and dads dog walking glasgow

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Having been a professional dog walker for over 9 years, I have been asked many times by Mums and Dads, if they can join us on walks.

Whilst we love all Mums and Dads, sadly I do have to say no.

The reason for this is mainly due to health and safety, not only does our insurance not over Mums and Dads but also some of the gang might not be very happy with gatecrashers!

Professional Dog Walking is just like any other profession, it requires a detailed amount of training, experience and in depth knowledge of dog behaviour.

I’m personally constantly learning and studying to keep ahead.

There is so much to take into consideration when walking a group of dogs, for example, age, size, breed, is the dog neutered or spayed, do they travel well, are there any behavioural issues and if so what dogs will get on with each other.

That’s why we do consultations, during the chat with Mums and Dads, I am observing the dog and it’s behaviour to see if it will be suitable to join our gang and if there any any wee niggly things that I will need to work on, for example recall, reactive to other dogs or pull on lead.

All of my team and even my own (human) children are trained in exactly the same way, thoroughly! This will then allow them to work with the gang safely so that all the dogs we work with can enjoy their days out.

We walk in areas where there is lots of space for our dogs to have fun without bothering anyone else or being bothered.

There’s nothing worse than a strange dog approaching the gang and upsetting the harmony!

This is why public parks are a total no go zone for us. All of the walks are tested and risk assessed by myself firstly on my own and then if I think it’s suitable, I will test walk with my own dogs Ziggy and Zane. I need to be 100% certain that I have covered all aspects of safety before taking any of the gang somewhere new.

I completely understand that dogs are a huge part of the family, the dogs in our gang become my babies too, it’s completely unimaginable that I wouldn’t get attached to or become protective of all the loveable mutts I’m so privileged to work with every day. This is why I take time on the consultations, send photos, videos and regular updates to every Mum and Dad.

I get that you wouldn’t give your human child to just anyone and the furry ones are no different.

Both my own boys were adopted from dark backgrounds, so I ensure that the care I provide to my gang is exactly the same as those two receive in our home. They are spoiled rotten with love and attention and the odd hot dog!

My job is to care for furry babies whilst their Mums and Dads are at work, just like a human nursery there are policies, procedures and protocols in place. Our Caine nursery is no different. So, whilst we love you Mums and Dads, you can’t join in on our walks, well not until you are fully trained and have lots of experience.

Your dogs are in complete safe hands with Stardust, as the saying goes the right person for the right job. So, if you would like your dog to be looked after by a fully professional company with bags of experience and knowledge as well as a soft heart for love and cuddles, please get in touch and see how I can help you and your pup.

See you on the next blog,
Lisa xx


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