Why Adopting Is Much More Fulfilling Than ‘Shopping’

zane dog walking glasgow

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Adopting a rescue dog can be daunting, most of the time their background details are sketchy and they come with some baggage/ issues, however if you can look beyond that you will see that it can be a wonderful thing for both you and the dog.

Lisa McCabe Canine Experience Officer (CEO) at Stardust Doggy Care shares why…

Meet Zane,

dog walking glasgow

This crazy beautiful boy came into our lives in May 2010 and there’s never been a dull moment since! Zane may actually be the best Wedding Anniversary gift Grant and I have even given each other.

We decided to go along to Dog’s Trust:

“Just for a look”

…when we viewed what was then Sully’s profile, both knowing full well that if possible we would adopt this wee dog in a heartbeat. Looking at him, he could easily have been our older dog Ziggy’s blood brother, they were so alike! We were in love and went along keeping everything crossed.

In the kennel Sully looked stir crazy, there are some dogs who just don’t adapt to kennel life and he was one, so I hoped and prayed when we asked to take him on a walk. Outside the kennel he was still nuts but in a different way, he had character about him and at just 9 months, I knew he would need a lot of work. Given my background with my dog walking business and I knew that I could devote a lot of time to him, we decided to apply to adopt Sully.

We introduced Ziggy the following day and it really was like they were long lost brothers, they got on so well. Thankfully our application was successful and we went to pick him up a week later. Dog’s Trust advised changing his name as he would then associate it with positive experiences. Both being a fan of the former Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe, we decided this would be a perfect name for our boy.

Zane did indeed need a lot of work, he had never lived in a house before, so we had to work hard to house train him, which to be fair he learned pretty quickly, although to date he does not understand the term:

“Personal Space!”

He’s a very loving dog, once he trusts you, he will be on your knee in a flash and you dare not move or he will steal your space on the sofa. We have had to do a lot of behavioural training as Zane has issues with trust, meeting new men and also sometimes he can be reactive with other dogs when on lead, which was making family days out a bit of a nightmare. We found an excellent trainer, who trained me as well as Zane and whilst he’s not perfect, Zane’s quality of life has vastly improved and family days out are now lots of fun.

Zane will be 9 in August this year, which we can’t quite believe but to look at him you’d think he was about 3! Over the years we have enjoyed many adventures, such as him breaking my fingers! Discovering he is Epileptic and finding out how to manage that. He eats like a horse, so nothing is safe and I mean nothing. We buy new dog bedding at least once a month and we’ve given up getting cushions for the sofa!

Even Santa’s cookies at Christmas need to go up very, very high!

Zane is an amazing gentle and loving big brother to his two human siblings Caoimhe and Cillian, he loves to wake them up in the morning with a bounce on their beds and a big wet lick!

He also does not like water, so on hot days at the beach I need to take him into the sea on a lead. What a dog! We’ve done lots of cani cross races, he’s an excellent partner but I need to carry him through the water! He’s so nosy, we’re usually always last but as long as he’s having fun, I don’t care. He’s scared of his own shadow and loves barking at seagulls who dare to fly past his house.

These things have given us a laugh over the years but the best one ever was just recently when one of my team forwarded me a post on Facebook asking me if the dog in the photo was Zane…

A lady was concerned that he had been living in the woods behind her home as he was visiting them every day around the same time to be fed. The cheeky monkey was going off on an adventure whilst out with the gang, this is not unusual, he likes to explore. But he’s clearly more clever than we give him credit for as he was going off and getting fed! Once I got over the initial shock and explained to the lady that he did have a home and was very much loved and what he had been up to, myself and the team could not stop laughing.

He is such a cheeky boy!

Zane is a crazy loveable daft pup and we would not have him any other way, so I’d always advocate “Adopt don’t Shop”. Whilst saving a life, you would be bettering your own. Adopting a rescue dog is hard work but my goodness it’s worth every second.

The Stardust team are all very experienced with rescue dogs, so if you need a hand looking after your furbaby whilst you’re out, just give us a call to discuss how we can help you.

Paws and Licks
Lisa and Zane xx


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