What’s the story behind Stardust?

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When founding my business back in 2009, I put a lot of thought into the name.
I wanted it to stand out, be personal and meaningful and also something different to the usual puns on dogs.
We adopted our dog Ziggy from SSPCA in 2007 and he was the inspiration for me taking the leap into self employment.
I wanted to spend more time with my boy and do a job that I loved.
It was natural that I leaned towards working with dogs and so took the time to educate myself in every way possible not only in dogs and animal handling/ psychology but also in business. I wanted to be the best I could be.

David Bowie fan

After suffering some health issues, Ziggy became my go to guy, he just knows how to make everything better, so it seemed fitting that my business should be a dedication to him.
Having been a bit of a David Bowie fan all my life Stardust Doggy Care seemed the obvious choice.
Not only will it be a lasting legacy for my very own super handsome Ziggy Stardust but it also provides a great talking point.
With so many dog walking companies popping up, our name separates us from the many takes on dog jokes and always leads to people asking why I chose Stardust.
It’s different and memorable, just like the late great Mr Bowie and my beautiful boy.
Sadly my Ziggy does not play the guitar but how amazing would it be if he could!


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