What is Reiki, what are the benefits and why do dogs love it?

What is Reiki, what are the benefits and why do dogs love it?

Here at Stardust I have been honing my skills in Holistic Therapy for some years and with all that’s gone on in the world recently our poor pups need a holistic dog healer to step up and help them and stressed out owners navigate their way back to normal life.

In this Blog, I will be focusing on Reiki, explaining what it is and its benefits.

Reiki is a form of energy healing, which involves the transfer of universal (life giving) energy from the practitioner’s palms to the patient.

The practice originates from Japan in the late 1800’s and has been used in healing for centuries in its various forms.

Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive way of treating many ailments and emotional conditions.

Many dogs suffering from stress, anxiety/separation anxiety and depression respond well to Reiki.

Similarly those with physical conditions from joint/ muscular issues through to more serious health complaints such as heart conditions or cancer, also receive exceptional benefits from receiving Reiki.

Candles and stones that say "Mind, Body, and Soul".
Although this does not replace modern medications, holistic therapy can very much assist and benefit our dog’s health.

As dog owners, more and more we are searching for alternative health care methods for our dogs as we are keen to protect their health as naturally as possible, without the use of harsh chemicals.

Research has shown that consistent use of some medicines can cause other health conditions in our dogs if used over an extended period of time.

For example, some treatments for arthritis can cause liver damage if used long term, therefore Reiki, combined with some gentle canine massage can alleviate symptoms just as effectively.

Medications for stress and anxiety, can also cause liver issues and sometimes can deepen depression, however Reiki with the use of sound and vibrational therapy, combined with essential oils, will encourage dogs to relax.

This relaxed state allows the healing energy to flow through dog’s bodies and heal from within.

The mental state will be elevated from the Reiki and essential oils, inflammation will reduce and a sense of calm and wellbeing will return to dogs during treatment.

Often the hands are placed on the patient, which invokes a sense of trust with dogs and as they do love a cuddle, this form of therapy is right up their street!

Stardust dog sleeping on hardwood floor.
For those dogs who don’t like to be touched the hands can be placed above the chakras, however the energy is so powerful it will still transfer to the body.

Canine chakras are pretty much in the same areas of the body as us humans, so it is easy to perform the treatment and transfer the healing energy.

As dogs love to move around and explore their surroundings, treatments can look very different to when humans receive Reiki.

So, at Stardust Dogs, my work is led by the patient, the dog tells me where it feels comfortable and we work around that.

If the dog is happy to lounge on the special dog massage bed, then we work there, similarly if the dog is most comfortable lying beside the door or on the decking in the garden then that’s where we work.

I start off with some sound and vibrational therapy, this allows the dogs to explore, sniff me and get to know me and settle into their surroundings.

Often during the first session dogs can either be super excited because they are somewhere new and experiencing new things or they may be quite stressed by the same factors.

This does not mean that they are not receiving any benefit, dogs are not like humans, they are not conditioned to sit still for 45 mins and receive therapy.

Stardust dog sleeping on tile floor.
Naturally they will want to move around and in the Stardust therapy room that is more than acceptable, in fact it is encouraged.

The more comfortable dogs can feel, the better the results.

As Reiki can be done from a distance, I can move around with the dogs and I can target my hands towards the body in order to omit the healing energy.

Treats, drinks of water and lots of cuddles are also encouraged, not only does this make the dogs more comfortable, but it also builds trust between us and deepens our bond as the Reiki practice is formed and continued.

Ideally I recommend each patient requires 4 Reiki sessions to begin with, whether this is on consecutive days or 2 days one week and 2 days the next.

This will allow the dog and their mind and body to become accustomed to the practice and absorb the energy needed to start the healing process.

From here, I would then advise one weekly or fortnightly treatment, in order to continually top up the healing energy and protect the dog’s health and immune system.

As with all things, consistency will get results, however if we stop the activity then we stop receiving the benefits.

For example, cars need some form of fuel to operate, if we stop adding the fuel, the car won’t start and it’s exactly the same with Reiki and holistic therapy for our dogs, in order to continually protect their health we must expose them to the healing energy.

The Stardust Dog Therapy Room is based within the conservatory at my home, which is bright and airy and overlooks the garden.

This is ideal for dogs who like to explore and means when the weather is good, we can take advantage and do the treatments on the decking.

Owners are welcome to stay and observe the treatment, whilst enjoying a cup of herbal tea if they wish.

This means that you too will experience the benefits from the sound and vibrational therapy and well as the Reiki, so will literally float out the door after with your dog.

I have designed the whole thing to be very experiential and relaxing for dogs and owners alike.

I firmly believe that prevention is better than the cure, so I hope to change the way we protect our dog’s health, one Reiki session at a time.

Sleepy Stardust Dog.
For full information and to book please see our website https://www.stardustdogs.co.uk or email me at info@stardustdogs.co.uk.

Sending you all healing love, see you on the next Blog.

Lisa xx

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