Stardust Dogs – What’s new here…….

Here at Stardust Dogs we have been a bit quiet recently for a few reasons – there have been some very exciting changes taking place!

The dog walking side of the business has now closed, although it was with a very heavy heart, it was necessary to develop the business in the right direction in order to reach as many dogs and their mums and dads as possible.

Stardust dogs

So what’s new at Stardust Dogs?

Well firstly you’ll see what we have had a slight name change, we are now simply Stardust Dogs, this is to reflect the new brand image.

  • It’s shorter, punchier and reflects what we do here, we do dogs! Stardust Doggy Care served us well but it was time for a change.
  • Secondly we have new branding and logos, we wanted this to reflect the product range.
  • Every dog deserves to be sprinkled with a little bit of the Stardust Dogs luxury and we wanted a logo and brand image that said just that. (add pic of new logo)
  • Thirdly, our face to face therapies have been placed on hold at the moment, with the ever changing landscape for businesses thanks to Covid, we wanted to be sure we could bring you and your dog the very best service, in the safest possible way.
  • We will revisit this when the time is right and we’re 100% sure that we can bring you and your dog the very best canine Reiki and Massage has to offer.
    Finally and most exciting of all, there are two new elements to the Stardust Dogs range………..
Coat and Skin Serum

We have worked very hard over the past 2 years to create and develop a range of natural alternative health care products for dogs, which we have combined with our new Blog/Vlog series Dog Days Out.

The Stardust Dogs natural dog health care range provides everything you need to protect your dog’s health and keep them in tip top condition without the need for any harsh chemicals or additives.

Every product is hand crafted and contains a careful blend of essential oils, which are essentially natures gift to us and have been used in medicines and alternative remedies for 1000’s of years.

We wanted to ensure that we brought you high quality, luxurious products but at an affordable price, so that you can treat your dog with complete peace of mind.

All of our products and packaging are 100% natural, vegan friendly and recyclable.

We have created a special Essential Dog Care pack to get you started, it has everything you need to look after your dog from top to toe and everything in between.

Protecting your dog’s health has never been so easy or luxurious.

With this in mind, we wanted to showcase how amazing life can be with your dog and the benefits of using the products, whilst also giving you some cracking days out ideas for you to try.

Our Dog Days Out series will showcase the product range in action at different locations being used by dogs.

We will explain each of the products in detail, their uses and benefits to your dog and also show you some footage of the places we explore.

We will hopefully inspire your adventurous side to try some of the walks and days out highlighted, now you know your dog can be fully protected using the Stardust Dogs range.

We’d love to know what you think of our product range, so please reach out at info@stardustdogs.co.uk or https://www.stardustdogs.co.uk.

See you on the next Blog.
Lisa xx

Stardust Doggy Meals & Remedies

Stardust Doggy Meals & Remedies

Essential Dog Care Kit

Essential Dog Care Kit

Stress Relief Kit

Stress Relief Kit



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