Stardust Doggy Care – more than just a dog walking company


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Why we are more than just a dog walking company

When I set up Stardust Doggy Care in 2009, I wanted it to be something different. I wanted to create a community for dogs and their owners and I wanted to create a legacy.

These two handsome chaps are Angus and Doodle, over the last couple of weeks they have shown me exactly what I have created and I now know it’s something special. Angus is four and a half years old and acts like he is about 8 months! He joined the gang at 6 months old.

He’s crazy, fun and full of energy as well as mischief. He’s put me through the mill a few times with his antics but I love him dearly and wouldn’t have him any other way. He and his Mum Marlyn, kindly offered to do a wee video testimonial for Stardust, just telling everyone why they love us so much (feel free to look this up on our website

I am currently pregnant, so not out walking with my team and the gang as much as I used to, so it had been a few weeks since I had seen Angus. When I arrived at his home, he just went crazy, he was jumping and barking with excitement to see me. It was just so lovely.

I sat on the floor with him and we had lots of cuddles and kisses. After a while we decided to film the video, Angus would not leave me to go back to his Mum, it was so funny. Finally after a few more cuddles and a couple of treats, he sat like a good boy to film the video. He was amazing.

His mum commented on how lovely it was to see how much he adores me but also that I adore him too, love like that cannot be faked and this is what I had aimed for all along. A company that not only provides a good quality of service, which is trustworthy and reliable but also which gives so much more too.

The situation was pretty similar with Doodle. Doodle joined the gang over 4 years ago now. This lovely boy had been off for a few weeks as his Mum had just had a baby. I was lucky enough to be invited out to meet Doodle’s new sibling. When I arrived Doodle was just so happy and excited to see me, I think at one point he was actually sitting on my knee. It was like he had not seen me for years!

Finally he calmed down and lay at my feet so I could have a cuddle of his little brother, who is just so adorable. I was also very privileged to have a play with Doodle’s little sister who is now 3! Where did those years go, as Doodle came to stay with me whilst his Mum was giving birth to her.

This connection and visits like these are so precious, I feel so lucky not only to be part of the dog’s lives but also that of their owners and families. It really is a business based on trust, respect, lots of love and definitely dog slobbers! Yes, I gave up a successful career to follow my dream and it has paid off in more ways than I could have thought possible.

If you would like your dog to become part of the Stardust family, give us a shout!

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