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Back in 2009, disillusioned with my choice of career and sick of being sick with stress, I decided to hang up my property heels and don a pair of dog walking boots. 

Goodbye sharp suits, makeup and perfect hair, hello waterproofs and fresh air! 

It’s totally true, back them I was jealous of Ziggy who went out every day with his dog pals whilst I was stuck in an office.  Everyone thought I was mad for giving up a good career and generous salary to walk dogs.  Back in 2009, dog walking was not seen as a career but I set out to prove everyone wrong and I did just that.  By 2013 I had grown my business to 5 full time members of staff and 4 doggy vans, which serviced over 60 dogs on our books.  As part of Entrepreneurial Spark, backed by RBS I became award-winning and highly regarded and I loved every second of seeing my dream grow and helping as many dogs as possible.  The dog walking industry continued to grow and has now become a booming part of the service sector in its own right.  Unfortunately though with quite a few businesses training, qualifications and regulation have not kept up which means in some cases customers and dogs are being let down.  Following the birth of my human children, over the last few years I’ve changed and pivoted my business to suit my lifestyle and family’s needs. This has given me the time to reflect upon my experiences and career as a professional dog walker and trainer and so the Stardust Dog Walking Academy was born!  I’ve created a one stop shop for those seeking a career as a professional dog walker.  The Stardust Dog Walking Academy takes students from idea through all of the necessary training to running their very own dog walking business.  With easy to follow video lessons, showing practical hands on tips as well as all the necessary policies, procedures and legal documents required, the Dog Walking Academy is designed to have you up and running within as little as 4 weeks.  There’s also a dedicated Facebook group for ongoing advice and fortnightly check in sessions with me.  For those after a bit more I have created a “Work with Me” mentoring programme giving my hands on expertise in helping them create and work on their own dog walking businesses.  There is not much that I haven’t come across during my career in professional dog walking or running my own business, I’ve made the mistakes, so you don’t have to.  My easy to implement strategies will see you and your business thrive in no time.  We are very, very close to the launch of the Stardust Dog Walking Academy –
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(6 monthly payments of £150)


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