Why is protecting your pet against fleas and ticks so important?

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Why is protecting our pets against fleas and ticks so important?

Flea and tick treatment is widely available to us dog owners and it’s also relatively easy to apply but do we understand why our furbabies need it?

Here is some information, which might help you understand a bit better.

At least 95% of the flea population exists as eggs, larvae, and pupae that hide in carpets and gardens and dog fur! While adult fleas make up only 1-5% of the flea population.

Using flea control products with insect growth regulators (IGRs) doesn’t only stop the problem, but it also helps to prevent an infestation from occurring. Phew!

Flea and tick prevention keeps your pet healthy. Your pet won’t pick up tapeworms or have flea bites that cause itching misery and flea allergy dermatitis. In addition, you can help prevent diseases that fleas and ticks carry such as:

•Flea allergies

•Hot spots

•Biting adult fleas

•Skin infections


•Lyme disease


•Rocky Mountain spotted fever

•Fleas and ticks in your home

If you are unsure of which treatment to use and the dosage, ask your local vet for some advice, they will be only too happy to help.

Prevention is better than the cure as this information shows, so make sure you get your furbaby treated regularly!

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