dog walking cumbernauld glasgow

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During my almost 10 years as a professional dog walker, I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing and beautiful dogs. I study each breed as much as I can so that we know how to best handle them and give each dog the fun experience they deserve when out and about with us.

Every so often we come across a dog who breaks the mound of their breed. Everyone, I’m delighted to introduce you to Molly the Westie.

dog walking cumbernauld glasgow

Molly joined us what seems like a lifetime ago! It was actually about 6 years ago now.

I had expected a stubborn, crazy lady but what I found was an obedient, loving and very lazy toad lol!

Whilst Molly loves her days out with the gang, a bit like myself she starts to flag mid afternoon, so she lets me know when she’s had enough.

Often when picking Molly up she will be sound asleep along the top of the sofa.

Her cute squashed face and look of “ugh, it’s you” when we first arrive is so funny but as soon as she sees the lead she’s up and ready to go in a flash.

Molly loves to ride up front at the end of the day.

As we live close by, often I’ve forgot to drop Molly home, so she’s joined us for a cuppa and a biscuit before being dropped off.

What really endears Molly to me is the special bond she has formed with my little girl. Caoimhe was just a baby when Molly joined us, however over the years they have become best buds. Caoimhe now 7, often joins me on dog walks. She’s been trained in dog handling since ever I can remember and she knows exactly how to keep herself and the gang safe.

dog walking here in glasgow

Yes, she’s shaping up to be a cracking wee apprentice and maybe one day she might want to take the reins when I’m no longer able.

Caoimhe and Molly both get very excited to see each other, there are lots of cuddles. Often I am instructed not to drop Molly home until I’ve picked Caoimhe up from school.

It’s just lovely watching the two of them together and I couldn’t be more thankful to Molly’s mum for choosing Stardust.

If your pup needs a special friend for when you are out and about, please get in touch as we would love to help you out.

See you on the next blog

Lisa xx


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