Meet JJ, this handsome lad joined the Stardust gang when he was just 6 months old!

A bag of nerves and no idea how to interact with other dogs, I knew we had a challenge on our hands. JJ was such a sweet loving boy that I wanted to hep him out.

On our first few walks, he was nervous getting into the doggy van, sometimes I even had to lift him in!

When we were out on the walks he was strong and pully on his lead and his recall was non existent, however there was a wee glint in his eye that said please just teach me and I will know how to be a good boy and play, I’m still just a baby.

So over the next few months, I worked hard with JJ teaching him recall, how to walk calmly on a lead and more importantly that not everything in the world is scary!

After just a few weeks JJ’s confidence improved and when I stopped to pick him up, he was excited to come in the doggy van, in-fact some days he didn’t even want to go home! I had to lift him out of the van at his house!

JJ learned how to play and interact with the other dogs, he learned very quickly that the call “right guys” meant that he was to come in for a cuddle and some hot dogs. He also learned that off lead play was wonderful and running about like a crazy pup was the most amazing thing in the world! So, for both of us it was definitely worth not giving up!

JJ has become an amazing member of the gang, he is very gentle, loving and kind. Above all, he is becoming a well behaved adolescent and we adore having him as part of the Stardust family.

A complete transformation to the dog I first met.

I thank JJ’s family for choosing me to work with their boy, it is such a privilege and I’m excited for many more adventures.

So, if you have a pup who may be struggling with social skills like JJ, we won’t give up, I promise.

Please just get in touch and we can help you and your pup live a more fun filled life full of adventure and love.