I’m A Panicky Mummy Too!

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Nothing says I love you more on Valentine’s Day, than I’m pregnant!

On 14th February, 2017, that’s exactly the news I delivered to my Husband. 

Having struggled to have our little girl in 2011, we did not think that we would be blessed with another precious bundle, however as this exciting news sunk in, we just could not believe how lucky we were. Fast forward to 2019 and we have a beautiful crazy son to complete our family of 4 humans and 2 dogs. 
Cillian, our boy, was born 7th September 2017, at almost 5 weeks premature, he was pretty poorly. His little lungs were struggling, he was jaundice, his blood sugar levels were through the roof and as if all this wasn’t enough at 3 days old, we discovered he had a heart defect. 
Right from the moment I found out I was expecting Cillian, I was unwell. The pregnancy was difficult and I was utterly huge, like to the point I could barely walk. I suffered from Gestational Diabetes, which was difficult to control, even with injecting insulin 4 times per day and monitoring everything I ate, I still gained 6 stone!! 
After having an emergency C-section with Caoimhe our little girl, I really wanted to have a natural birth this time round, however doctors explained that as I was so huge, the baby was big and height wise I’m just 4.10″ there’s no way a natural birth would be safe, so I would need to be sectioned again, I was devastated but I knew we had to do what was best for my baby. 
So, I was admitted to hospital to start treatment as the plan was to deliver Cillian at 37 weeks, slightly early but due to my size it would be safer to get him out. 
Unfortunately Cillian had other plans and decided to come almost 2 weeks before the planned section. 
The staff at the Princess Royal Maternity hospital in Glasgow were utterly amazing, our boy was taken straight into ICU and looked after so very well. After 10 days in ICU, Cillian and I were moved to Special Care, where we were finally reunited and I could hold him and feed him properly, at 15 days old, Cillian James McCabe was allowed home and into the big world. 
I have never been so delighted to come home in all my life, finally we could be together as a family. 
Ziggy and Zane, our furbabies were so excited to meet Cillian and have been wonderful around him ever since. 
Given all of the trauma that we went through to get Cillian into the world and the monitoring of his little heart still ongoing, I have been very reluctant to send him to nursery, as when he’s with me I know he’s 100% safe. 
Cillian is however a typical little boy, he loves to climb, play with cars and totally adores other children. I know full well that socialisation and the structure of nursery will do him the world of good, just as it did for his big sister. So, this week I have pulled on my big girl’s (or Mummy) pants and I have gone to look at nurseries, I don’t know why as I knew he would absolutely love Clevercloggs Nursery where his big sister went. 
On visiting Clevercloggs this week, it was like coming home! Some of the staff have changed but the owners and management are still the same and they also have Caoimhe’s baby and graduation photos which we gifted to them still on the leavers wall. 
Cillian absolutely loved our visit, he played away with all the toys, was so excited when the other babies wanted to play with him and he interacted with the staff so well. All in all, I have no idea what I was worrying about! He will start very soon and become a Clevercloggs Boy as his sister declared. 
This experience got me thinking about Stardust, we have been going for a very long time, 10 years this year! 
Sure, handlers have changed over the years, and given my own worries as a Mum about letting my babies go out into the world, I completely understand owner’s concerns when we have staff changes. 
What remains completely the same is me, Stardust is my other baby and I look after it well. I ensure all areas are maintained to the highest possible standard and that we adapt to changing needs of both our pups and the business. 
I am my business and I know only too well how much of a privilege it is to work with the dogs we care for. I adore each and every one of them and ensure that all Stardust dogs are equal. 
As we are after all the canine equivalent of nursery, I can completely understand any fears and reservations Mums and Dads would have about sending their pup out into the world. 
Dogs are social animals and not designed to sit at home alone for hours when we are out, and we know Mums and Dads need to work as dog food, coats and all the other bling we spoil them with these days does not come cheap (I know, I have 2 big gangly furries who have become accustomed to home cooked food and bow ties!) 
So, it is kinder to let them out to play with friends whilst you are at work, it means they will be nice and tired and be ready for snuggles when you get home and you’ll have so much to chat about over the dinner table. 
I can’t wait to hear all about Cillian’s first day at nursery! 
If like me, you are a little panicky, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we do a full consultation and assessment of every dog before they join our gang and you can ask me as many questions as you like to make sure you have 100% peace of mind before entrusting Stardust with your furbaby. 
See you on the next Blog,
Lisa xx 


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