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Holistic Treatment & Product Workshops

Calm & Relax

Modern day life can be so busy and exhausting for our dogs, it can also be quite stressful and scary for them too.

Dogs don’t understand the world as we do, so they can get worried when left home alone or need some help relaxing after a busy day.

During this workshop you will make products, which will enable your dog to destress and relax, even when left home alone.

It will also deepen and strengthen your bond with your dog as you apply the products.

During this session you will make our signature

Calming Spray and Calming balm

You will also receive our easy dog massage E-book, which will guide you through a quick and easy routine to do with your dog.

 You will receive all materials through the post, Cost is £28 per person which includes all materials, postage and packaging.

Natural Cleaning

Everyday cleaning products we use around our home are often full of toxins which can be harmful to our dogs. 


Most dog owners are unaware of this so essentially can be unconsciously putting their dog’s health at risk whilst trying to create a clean and healthy living environment. 


Essential oils are amazing not only as they are 100% natural and dog friendly but have multiple uses, such as for making natural cleaning products, which can be used around the home without causing any harm to our lovely puppers.


During this workshop we will make 4 everyday cleaning products which are 100% dog friendly; 


Multipurpose cleaning spray

Fabric refresher spray

Carpet refresher shaker

Urine deodoriser spray 

You will receive all materials through the post, Cost is £28 per person which includes all materials, postage and packaging.

Minor Ailments

Much like children our dogs can pick up minor ailments through life in general but this doesn’t always mean an expensive trip to the vet. 

Very often we can treat minor issues at home, if we know what to look for and as I always advocate prevention is better than the cure.

If we introduce natural health care to our dogs as soon as possible, not only will we save on vet bills in the long run but we may also prolong our dog’s lifespan! 

During this workshop, you will make 4 medicine cabinet essentials, which are 100% dog friendly and will save you a trip to the vet. 

During this workshop, I will teach you to make; 

A paw protector rub, which will protect your dog against any germs and infections which may be picked up when out walking as after all dogs don’t wear shoes! 

Stinky ear cleaner, this is particularly helpful for older dogs and some breed who unfortunately have naturally stinky ears. 

Allergy aid – dogs suffer from irritations to be it from grass and pollen to our perfume, this magic potion will work wonders. 

Bad breath spray – there’s nothing worse than dog breath! This natural formula will ensure you never run for the hills when snuggling with your pupper again. 

Cost is £28 and includes all materials, postage and packaging.

Health and Vitality

Our dogs are our best friends, they’re loyal, loving and give us so much. It’s only natural that us dog pawrents want to give our furbabies the very best life has to offer. 


As a huge advocate that prevention is better than the cure, we owe it to our BFF’s to introduce natural health care as soon as possible. Not only will this prolong our dog’s time here on earth with us but it can also save you a fortune on vet bills. 


Also if your dog suffers from ailments, many natural remedies compliment traditional medicines and health care. 


During this workshop I will teach you to make 4 natural health care potions which every dog owner should have in their canine medicine cabinet. You will make; 

Joint care remedy 

Muscle repair balm

Lumps/ bumps and tumour care

Digestive protection balm 

This workshop will teach you how to care naturally for your pupper and you will also receive an easy dog massage tutorial which not only teaches you a new skill but will provide an added bonding experience for you and your dog. 

Cost is £28 which includes all materials and posting and packaging.