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stardust holistic doggy care dogs are family

If like me you have both human and furry children, I’ll bet they are all just as important to you as each other?

I know my 2 furbabies are.

They are every ounce a part of our family as us humans. 

My Daughter actually tells people she has two big brothers when she is chatting about our dogs.

Gone (hopefully) are the days where our canine companions are seen as family pets or “just the dog” these amazing animals are finally getting the recognition they deserve in being man’s best friend and we are treating them with more love and compassion than ever before.

Dogs are of course still animals and we should never forget that. 

They like routine, they like us to give them jobs or tell them how to do things. They need our help to navigate and fit into this ever changing complex world in which we live. Just like toddlers and young children.

At Stardust, I know we provide a luxury service and I know in some cases we are more expensive than our competitors, for which I offer no apologies. Ten years of experience and investment adds up to a lot spent on my own education and that of my team.

This means that we can bring you and your furbabies the very best service, which is provided with love, compassion, trust and 100% security.

Dogs are my passion, I like them more than most people. I know where I am with a dog, humans are so complex!

Sadly, as with all professions there are people who are not quite as good, so will do what they can to sabotage the good guys. I’ve had my fair share of professional jealousy and whilst it is hurtful and sometimes gets me down, I use it as a tool to push myself further.

At Stardust we offer a fun, ethical and loving experience for each and every dog in our care. We have no favourites, even Ziggy and Zane know that!

I have been offering this service for a long time, way before dog walking was even a “thing” and I know it’s an essential service for all of our gang.

Dogs, like human children need to be looked after whilst Mums and Dads are at work, out or on holiday, therefore I have created the canine equivalent of child care!

Dogs need stimulation and company. They need love and attention. 

We would never leave human children alone for a full day without going to the loo or having some interaction, so it should be no different for our dogs.

Sadly all too often, I hear that when people decide to get Married, move house, go on holiday etc, usually the dog walker is one of the things that people cut back on. Not the gym membership or nights out for the humans.

This disruption to the dog’s life can cause detrimental affects, the change in routine can lead to depression, weight loss / gain, anxiety, changes in behaviour and much more.

Dogs don’t understand that we need to save money because we want to go on the trip of a lifetime.

They just know that one week they were having the time of their lives going out with their pals whilst Mum and Dad were at work but now they’re stuck at home all day bored out of their skulls and desperate to pee!

And….. what’s more is that when the humans come home, they get annoyed if they’ve had an accident in the house and/ or caused damage as well as being hyper because they’ve not had a chance to exercise.

I know if we need to save up for an occasion or have a change in financial circumstances we cut back on days/ nights out, trips to coffee shops (it’s scary how much we can spend going for coffee!) and be more mindful of spending.

Neither my furry or human kids lose out on essential activities which stimulate their bodies, minds and souls.

So, the next time you hear someone wondering if they could do without their dog walker to save some cash, ask them if they can 100% guarantee that they will replace this service with the same level of fun, stimulation and excitement for their dog.

And, also what everyone else in the family is sacrificing to save too as if the poor dog is losing it’s complete social life, then other family members should be too!

I am a self confessed crazy dog lady, my family human and furry are my world, so I will always provide thought provoking content to assist as many dog parents and dogs as I can.

Changing the world one dog at a time!

See you on the next Blog

Lisa xx