Doggy Mince & Potatoes

Doggy Mince & Potatoes


6 baby boiling potatoes 

100g lean mince 

1 cup frozen veg

1 cup white or brown rice 

2tbspn beef gravy granules


Boil the rice, potatoes and veg in a large pot with 1L of water until the rice is soft and the liquid has evaporated. 

Fry the mince in a non stick pan and when cooked through, add to the pot with the rice, veg and potatoes. 

Add 50ml of boiled water to the gravy granules and stir until it  thickens, then pour into the pot with the other ingredients. 

Allow to come to room temp and then serve to your dog. 

This will make 3-4 large portions and 4-6 medium portions. Will happily keep in the fridge for around 5 days.

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