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This is Diesel, there are many Beagles like him but this one is ours!

I first met Diesel on a crisp sunny January morning back in 2010.

I had only been a professional dog walker for a few months and my business was still quite new. I had however been learning and studying dogs like mad, so I was intrigued to meet this boy.

Were Beagles really the Devils in disguise that I’d read about?

At just 6 months old, Diesel was quite possibly one of the cutest things I’d ever seen, I feel immediately in love with him and didn’t care if everything I’d read about Beagles being a bit “nuts” was true.

Diesel, his Dad Jamie and I had a lovely introductory walk together around a local nature reserve and by the end of it, I was in love with this furry rascal. He was indeed as cute as a button but was living up to the Beagle reputation, he was stubborn, too smart for his own good and a bit destructive around the house so his Dad told me.

Was I ready for this challenge? You better believe it!

Diesel is now the longest serving member of the Stardust gang. At 11 years young, we’ve been through many adventures together.

The old boy has arthritis in his back legs but that does not hold him back. There’s no more off lead action but he’s just as capable of playing fetch or doing an adventure day care day as much as any of the younger pups. He also knows “back the way” as a command so if he gets wrapped around twigs or branches he can untangle himself without me having to crawl through the mud.

Diesel has taught me that you really do need to have eyes on the back of your head.

Despite having short legs Beagles can still surf the worktops and are perfectly capable of digesting frozen sausages and love to steal toast!  Diesel loves food! A boy after my own heart. This love can sometimes get us both into trouble…

One day when he was a bit younger, he ran on ahead of me at Mugdock. This was not uncommon, he always waited at the next clearing so I just thought business as usual. When I got to the clearing and he wasn’t there, my heart was beating a little faster. I shouted on him and a voice came back, saying:

“Is he a Beagle? If so he’s over here!”

So I followed the voice through the trees and there was the bold boy sitting in the middle of a group of ramblers who had stopped for a cuppa.  Diesel was quite happily sharing their sandwiches, what a boy!

There was also the time when we went to visit my Gran and Grandad at lunch time, we do this quite often as my Grandad loves to meet the gang. Grandad always had a wee stash of goodies in a present bag under his chair. He kept them there for watching films late at night after Gran had gone to bed and thinking she didn’t know about his secret sweet eating. Unfortunately for Grandad on this day, Diesel found his treasure!

He managed to wolf down a bar of Macaroon before any of us could blink!

Grandad’s face was a picture and all Gran and I could do was laugh. When I retold the tale to Diesel’s Dad that evening, he too was in stitches. Silly dog, thankfully he was completely fine. Even after all these years Grandad still refers to the incident!

When you work closely with a dog for so many years, it doesn’t matter who I’ve had helping within the team, I still get the best reaction from this boy. His excitement when he sees me and his cuddles remind me that my business is totally worth it.

A couple of years ago, the doggy van needed a new tyre and it was just Diesel with me, so we went to the garage. I was gonna walk along the canal with him, whilst the van was in the garage. When I got there and got out the van, Diesel was doing his usual excited bark and when I got him out he was jumping all over me and giving me kisses. The mechanic said to me it was so lovely that we had a great bond and asked me how long I’d had him. When I explained that I wasn’t actually Diesel’s mum, he was surprised and said he would never have known.

Again situations like this reaffirm to me that what I am doing at Stardust is 100% worthwhile. If mums and dads can trust me with their furry babies and know that they are looked after like they are my own then that means the world. They can go to work, on days out or even on holiday and know that their dogs are well cared for and loved.

Diesel is a cheeky, stubborn monkey but he’s taught me loads about his breed, love and the need for quick reflexes! I remain eternally grateful to Diesel and his Dad Jamie for choosing Stardust and giving me the privilege of working with this amazing beautiful boy.

If you’d like to find out more about our services, my heart is big enough to accommodate more dogs with love and care, so please get in touch and see how we can help you and your furbaby.

Speak soon, 
Lisa xx


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