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As the county begins to reopen for business and we start to return to work, many of us are worrying how this will affect our dogs. 
After months of having us at home and having company during the day, will they survive without us, will they become anxious and stressed, will they be depressed?
Although many will have dog walkers coming in to take them out for fun with their friends, what about the hours in between where they will be left home alone? 

holistic doggy care reiki massage

Fear not, this is where I put both you and your dog at ease! 
I have worked hard to develop amazing products packed with beneficial essential oils which will reduce stress, calm your dog and keep them happy until you come home. 
This will ease your guilt and your mind, wondering if you’ll come home to a stressed pup and destroyed home! 
The best part is you’ll get to make the products yourself at my newly established online DIY courses, so totally eliminating the parent guilt! 

First up on 25th July, we have the De-stress DIY workshop where you can make our calming balm and calming dog and home spritz. 
These products are 100% natural and dog friendly, packed with essential oil goodness, and proven to reduce stress and anxiety in dogs. 
Used regularly, these products can see a stressed-out pupper become a chilled out pooch in no time. 

All course materials are delivered straight to your home before the workshop and also comes with a free gift, my signature paw protector balm. Keeping your dog’s paws as smooth as a baby’s bottom, whilst protecting them from all the nasties they’ll walk on when out and about. 
The workshop is a 1-hour Zoom call, where I’ll guide you through making the products, and afterward you’ll receive a follow-up email with some top tips on how to keep your dog entertained whilst home alone.
This includes a “how-to” homemade snuffle mat, complete with video instructions, and a recipe for tasty treats to fill it with! 

My fantastic DIY course comes at the value for money price of just £28, learning new skills and eliminating the dog parent guilt in just one hour! 
What are you waiting for, click here to book…

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