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Life as we knew it is gone but how do we get through this?

Life as we knew it came to a very sudden but not unexpected halt here in the UK almost 5 weeks ago when the country was put into Lockdown for our own safety.

The rest of the world also seems to be in some form of lockdown and life disruption.

Since then we have had to adapt to a new normal, which means no visiting friends or family and definitely no hugging or contact with anyone out with our own households.

Phrases like socially distancing have become so normal, even my 2 year old understands it.

We now have to queue to get into the supermarket and once in, we need to ensure we stay 2 metres apart from everyone else there and for some reason people are hoarding loo rolls like there’s no tomorrow.

Yes life is very, very different to how it was just a few weeks go, however, what we need to bear in mind is that these changes are for our safety, the limitations are to save lives, so that we when do finally come out this pandemic, there will be no one missing.

Although not quite the same as our Grandparents living through World Wars, we are experiencing a moment in history. Schools will be teaching about Covid-19 in Modern Studies and eventually history lessons and we can say to our Grandchildren, I lived through that.

The sense of community spirit is now alive and kicking with so many coming together to help, whether it’s collecting for food banks, socially distanced checking in on our elderly neighbours and relatives to producing online areas to have concerts, comedy gigs and much, much more.

The sense of love and community that we share for a few moments each Thursday evening when we open our windows, doors and hearts to publicly thank our Key Workers for all their amazing efforts keeping us safe and fed is so overwhelmingly emotional, I wish we could bottle it to save for future generations.

Maybe this is what our world needed, a chance to pause, reflect and heal from the fast paced, pollution heavy normal our generation had created.

Whilst it’s difficult being away from friends and family and also a worrying time wondering if my little business, which has become so much a part of me, will recover, I for one am trying to see the positives in this madness.

Never before have my husband and I spent so much time together and never before have we spent so much time with our kids as a whole family unit.

Children are so precious and grow so quickly, we always wish to have more time with them, now that wish has been granted.

Take this opportunity to rest and heal, re-evaluate your life; what’s good and be thankful for it and make the commitment to change those things which no longer serve you.

Bake the cakes, read the books and learn the new skills, there are a ton of free online training courses, so you’ll be sure to find one that tickles your fancy.

Meditate and exercise to keep your mind and body healthy and eat good home cooked clean food. I promise you’ll feel the benefits of this.

Go out in nature as and when you can (always be sensible and follow government advice re social distancing) stop and listen to the birds sing, the trees rustle and see if you can hear things you’ve never heard before, even if that’s silence. Look at the stars and watch the meteor showers.

FaceTime your loved ones and revel in how our older relatives think they need to sit sooooo close to the screen, that we have more time with their nostrils than any of us would ever like, but love every moment of it because at least we still get to see them.

Drink it all in and be grateful for every second of it, as soon life will go back to normal and we will never ever get this opportunity again.

I for one will be doing a combination of all of this, whilst also working away and keeping my business active, I may not be able to earn a living at the moment but this does not mean that I can’t reach out to doggos and their mums and dads to provide some love, advice and assistance.

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Take care, stay safe and I’ll see you on the next Blog,

Lisa xx