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Coming out of Lockdown...

As Lockdown is starting to ease and we look to open back up, many dog owners are wondering how their dogs will cope.

With a reported 3.2 million UK families adding a pet throughout the pandemic and 23% of UK households owning a dog, that’s a huge  number of puppers who won’t know what it’s like to be left home alone or not have company during the day whilst everyone is out at work/ school etc.

We are the epicentre of our dog’s lives, their days literally revolve around spending time with us, so it can be a huge worry and stress inducing time when we are not there.

Many dogs will be set to suffer from separation anxiety and form stress inducing behaviours such as damaging our homes or having accidents

Of course we can employ dog walkers to take our dogs out for some respite and a play with their friends and whilst this will be wonderful for them, again it’s another added unknown stress, as it’s a new situation and routine which dogs will have to get used to.

So, how can we help our dogs during these scary stressful transitions?

Firstly we look to make things as easy and as fun as possible, so keep them somewhere safe and secure within the home.

This might be a crate, as some dogs prefer this, sometimes having too much space can be scary for them.

My own dog Zane preferred to be in a crate when he was younger, it was his little den.

If we make sure our dogs are as comfortable and cosy as possible this will help, as will leaving their favourite toy and something that smells of us, some dogs prefer to lie on our beds when we are out. This smells of us most and so provides comfort to our dogs.

Puzzles, where dogs need to work and use brain power to get to their treats are also a great way of keeping them entertained as well as leaving the radio or television on as this gives a sense of comfort and company.

Here at Stardust, I have created a number of options to help owners and dogs through this time.

I have created 2 amazing products which are designed to help dogs self-soothe during periods of being home alone.

Both the Calming Balm and Calming Spray are 100% natural and are packed with Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils such as CBD and Lavender, which have calming and soothing properties and will allow dogs to relax and become stress-free when used regularly.

These products are available to purchase here on the Stardust website.

The Stardust Academy is now also live, where you can attend the first of our 4 workshops!

The Calm and Relax workshop will teach dog owners how to make both of the products above at home and also teach a simple dog massage routine. Not only will this be hugely beneficial to struggling puppers, but it will also deepen the bond between owner and dog.

Literally, dogs will think we are superheroes after doing this course!

Prevention is better than the cure, so the quicker we can start using these products and preparing our dogs for some time without us, the better life will be for everyone.

I am really excited to bring these products to you and privileged to help ease the lives of dogs in any way that I can.

If you have any questions regarding the Stardust Holistic and Natural Dog Care products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on our FB or Insta pages.

Take care and see you on the next Blog

Lisa xx