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stardust holistic dog care choosing right harness

We all like to look good, I mean go on we’ve all caved into the latest fashion trends, just to end up realising what disasters they were years later looking back at old photos! 

It’s the same with our pups, we want them to look good.

My boys have more jackets that I do and their collar and bow tie collection is kind of getting out of hand! 

One thing they only have one of though is their harnesses. As much as I want them to look good, the priority is ensuring they are safe on walks, this means having the right harness. 
Harnesses are so much safer, more comfortable and practical for our dogs. 
They provide protection for our dogs neck and throat. If a lead is attached to a collar only, any pulling motion can affect delicate tendons which run from the neck into the dog’s shoulders and spine, therefore risking various forms of injury. Also with a collar dogs who pull a little can choke themselves, cut off their breathing momentarily and cause damage to their throats. 
There are various harnesses on the market, some which look great but are not fit for purpose. Dogs can easily slip out of some styles, so it’s important to ensure you get one which fits correctly and keeps your dog safe. 
If in doubt, follow the links below and have a look, the harnesses shown are the best fitting for dogs to keep them, safe, secure and comfortable. 
These harnesses also take most of the shock if your dog unexpectedly pulls on its lead, therefore minimising injury to you too. 
I’d love to see some pics of your pups out and about looking fab in their harnesses, feel free to pop them on our Insta, FB or Twitter feeds. 
Keep safe and see you on the next Blog
Lisa xx