Case Study

Case Study - Ziggy

In September 2019, Ziggy had an episode of Vestibular Disease, which although common in older dogs can be fatal. 

Vestibular Disease can cause dogs to become disorientated, seem like the world is spinning and dogs can lose control of their legs, forget how to go to the toilet on their own and their head and neck can droop to one side. 

Ziggy sadly had all of these issues and we were advised that the first 48 hours were crucial. 

When we took Zig to the vet initially we were advised that it was Dementia, if I hadn’t been so devastated looking at my boy I might have laughed. 

I asked to see the more senior vet with whom I have a good relationship, he confirmed it was Vestibular Disease and Ziggy would need to stay in overnight for observation. 

As we left our boy with heavy hearts that night, we were thinking the worst. 

The following morning we were advised that Zig had had a settled night but was using a sling on his back legs to be taken to the toilet and that he was not eating. 

As I home cook all of the boy’s meals, I asked if we could visit and bring him something to eat. 

We visited Ziggy that morning and he looked so sad, I could tell mentally he was struggling being in there. 

He’s a big Mamma’s boy, used to his home comforts. 

I knelt down and hand fed Zig some chicken and rice, which he ate and 

we were told this was a good sign and to come back later that day. 

When we went back we were told, things were just the same and it was a different vet again, who said we should maybe think about end of life. 

Shocked by this, I reminded her that it had only been just over 24 hours and I wasn’t ready to give up on my boy. 

I again asked to speak with the senior Vet, he knew my own background and knew that I was keen and knowledgeable on holistic therapy and used essential oil remedies on my dogs. 

He agreed to let me bring Ziggy home and let me try 


We made Ziggy a huge comfy bed in the living room and I set to work with 

a blend of healing oils diffusing, I also massaged a version of the same blend into Ziggy’s fur and paws and then I gave him Reiki. 

Within 2 hours of being home, he was barking at the doorbell, eating as if there was no tomorrow and wagging his tail. 

By the following morning he was up on his own paws going into the garden for the loo. 

I updated the Vet, who advised to continue doing what I was doing. 

He was still a bit wobbly and his head still drooped slightly to one side but our boy was coming back! 

I kept on with the healing Reiki and using the essential oils and by the time we hit the 72 hour mark Ziggy was a different dog, he was back to his old self and there were no signs that there had been anything wrong with him at all. 

That evening we took Zig to the vet for a check-up and they could not believe it was the same dog! 

Ziggy quite literally defied all the odds, simply because this Mamma would not give up. 

The healing effects of therapies such as Reiki, massage and sound therapy is hugely underrated in the treatment of our dogs, as is the use of essential oil blends. 

Not only are the hugely beneficial but they are also much kinder to dog’s bodies and far cheaper than pharmaceuticals. 

Spurred on by my success with Ziggy, I have made it my mission to create the best natural health care solutions for dogs that I possibly can, if I can help even just one dog as I did Ziggy then it will all have been worth it. 

Dogs give us everything and they are our best friends, so it’s only right that we do our very best to give them everything that they deserve.