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Bonfire Night...

It seems that fireworks start earlier and earlier each year, with many not stopping to think of the effect fireworks can have on our dogs. 
Those puppers who are scared can have varying degrees of symptoms from just the odd jump and bark when they hear the bang to more physical and mental conditions such as severe shaking, vomiting, stress and anxiety which can lead to chewing furniture, causing damage in the home and having toilet accidents as some poor dogs are so scared to go out after dark. 
With no organised events to attend this year, I predict many people will have fireworks at home, which leads to many other worries such as health and safety but that’s for another Blog entirely. 
This means as dog parents we will have our work cut out this year, so what can we do to protect our dogs? 
If your dog is scared of fireworks, there are many things you can do do help them out!
Firstly don’t leave them alone on bonfire night, make sure you stay home and keep them company. Nothing is more reassuring than a big cuddle. 
Keep the home warm and cosy, provide a safe spot where your dog can snuggle. Be this their bed, under a table or on the sofa. Just see where they feel comfortable. 
Make sure you put down soft cosy blankets and bedding for your dog to nuzzle into and feel safe. 
Diffuse lavender, frankincense  and lemon essential oils throughout your home on a regular basis both on the day and in the days leading up to bonfire night. 
Doing this will allow the healing properties of the oils to enter your dog’s bloodstream and build resilience. It will also create a calming environment and reduce stress in your dog. 
Whenever we hear fireworks we always close the blinds and either put on soothing music slightly louder than normal or have the TV louder too. 
Walk your dog before dark falls, so it’s just a case of allowing them out to toilet before bed. 
Doing all of these things over the last few years have helped Zane immensely, however the introduction of reiki and the Stardust Calming Balm have been game changing for us and for Zane. 
I use the balm on Zane regularly as he is a nervous traveller in the car, so I pop it on the pads of his paws and chest daily. 
This means that come bonfire night his body has built up a defence and resilience to allow him to cope with the sound of fireworks more effectively. 
We still do all the other things but it means that if we are caught off guard or like this year the fireworks start very early Zane is much less stressed and his mind and body are much more prepared and able to cope. 
Since using the calming balm Zane has been like a different dog, sometimes it’s as though he doesn’t even notice the fireworks whereas before he would have been very stressed, panting, pacing, digging, barking and shaking. Sometimes he got in such a state it would trigger an epileptic fit. 
Thankfully now Zane is much more relaxed and able to cope with bonfire night. 
If your dog is scared of fireworks why not give our calming balm a go  and also check out our free easy massage ebook to help your dog relax, sign up to our mailing list here to receive it.
Have a very safe and calm bonfire night, see you on the next Blog
Lisa xx 

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