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Corona Diaries Part 3

So here we are in June, how the heck did that happen?

Anyone else feel like they’re just getting over New Year, LOL

Let’s face it 2020 didn’t really get going and then we were thrown into Lockdown.

What have the last 12 or so weeks been like for you?

In our house it’s been a lot of change, working from home for everyone, adapting our businesses to allow us to do this, forging new ways of doing business so we actually have one to open back up once this is all over.

There has been lots of family time, walks, exercise (Joe Wicks deserves an honour after this) and not to mention home bloody schooling!! Argh, the pain!

As we now start to look at recovery and come out of Lockdown, we are wondering what the future will hold and what exactly the new normal will look like.

My big girl, although keen to see all her friends, is anxious about returning to school. She has so many questions, who will her teacher be, what will school look like with social distancing measures in place, and will her friends still be her friends?!

With at least another few months at home, it will be an anxious time for her and as her parents, we are doing our very best to support her and lead with love to guide her through it.

Our little boy is just 2, so he is largely unaware of what’s been going on, although he is missing Gran and his friends.

He had just settled into nursery, so we are anxious about him returning but hopefully, he will be more settled as the place is now familiar to him.

Then there’s business, what will this look like?

For me largely, I have been working hard on changing the direction and delivery of my business.

I have created online services and products, which will allow me to support and reach owners and their dogs, whilst maintaining social distancing measures and of course working from home as I will still need to be there for the little ones until they return to school and nursery full time.

Coronavirus although devastating, has brought new challenges and focus to my business, I have been forced to think outside the box and create a business model that not only can survive this pandemic but will change me for the better in the long run.

I am thankful for the time at home with my family and for the time to reflect and change but mostly I am grateful that we have thus far stayed safe and well.

Our key workers who have kept the nation running deserve one massive pay rise and words will never be enough to thank them for all they have done for us during this time.

Thanks also need to go out to our children, their lives were turned upside down overnight and for the most part, they’ve accepted it and just got on with things. As an adult, this time has been crazy, so for their minds to process it has been admirable. I am so very proud.

Finally to our dogs, mostly they will be loving having us at home with them but their lives and routines have also changed, which can be hard going for a poor pupper.

Just as they’re getting into the groove of a slower pace of life and us being with them 24/7, we are going to start changing the goalposts again.

Dogs are amazing, so they will go with the flow as usual but it will also take some getting used to, some may even suffer from separation anxiety. As owners, we need to be on guard and be extra gentle with them during this time.

If you are concerned about how your dog will cope, I have some space for dog walking to provide company and love whilst you return to work.

I am also doing distance reiki sessions and I have a range of holistic therapy products, such as my Calming Balm which are 100% natural and hand made at my home.

Please drop me a line if you feel I could help you and your dog.

info@stardustdogs.co.uk or call 07389183831

Take care and see you on the next Blog

Lisa xx