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So on the last Blog I chatted about how life has changed and what we can do to get through it.

This time, I’m going to be chatting through some challenges I am facing, which I know many others are too, hopefully an insight into how I am handling things will help you.

I’m pretty used to working from home anyway, outwith walking with the gang, I work from home running my business and providing treatments to dogs within the dedicated therapy room at my home.

All of the services are now closed, so no dog walks or treatments, this has brought its own anxieties and challenges as well as highlighting the need to pivot and change my business, do things differently so that I can weather this storm and still have a business to open when all this is over.

I am providing lots of free content to help dog owners during this time from dog friendly dinner recipes and DIY holistic remedies to free distance reiki sessions to help heal pups who may be finding this unusual time difficult to fathom.

I am trying to move as much of my business online as possible with products, creating a monthly subscription service and an online training course.

The reason for this is, exiting lockdown will be slow and phased, services will be slow to get back up and running but also we have 2 young children, one is just 2 and the other 8, so with schools and nurseries set to be closed for quite some time yet, I need to ensure my business can generate an income outwith my services because I will need to be at home to look after them.

Usually I enjoy working from home as I can get some time to be by myself to meditate, do yoga and grab a quick workout at the gym before picking the wee ones up.

Having everyone at home 24/7 is somewhat of a challenge, not only for working purposes as if anyone with a toddler knows it’s near impossible to concentrate when those little whirlwinds are around but also for having some quiet time out, “me time” to meditate or exercise without “muuuuuummmm” being shouted is something I’ve struggled with.

We’ve had to create new routines, working early in the morning or later at night whilst the kids are still asleep is definitely the best way forward, planning our meals a week in advance and prepping a couple of day’s worth at once, definitely decreases the anxiety. Eating home- made nutritious food is much better for keeping heads happy and waistlines down too!

We try to get the kids involved, as not only does this help with home schooling and  learning  life skills but it also means that they’re more likely to eat if they’ve had a hand in making their own food.

We take it in turns to have solo walks, well with the dogs or go to the supermarket when needed, so that we have that break away from the madness. We also ensure our girl gets some time alone to speak to her friends or go out on her bike, getting a break from her little brother!

Managing our little girl’s big emotions has been challenging too, she’s very sociable so missing her friends and clubs. For kids right now, this situation is tough, their wee lives have been turned upside down and for the main part they are soldiering on without much complaint, it’s bloody admirable! Lots of love, understanding, cuddles and chats are seeing us through. As well as baking cakes and family movie time!

Exercising together as a family however is lots of fun, as is making use of our garden, ensuring lots of fun play and fresh air. Feeding their imaginations and ours.

Keeping in touch with friends and family via phone, video call or Zoom has been a total lifeline, that human interaction we all crave has been met and provided cups of much needed joy at times.

Whilst we can get down and find things tough we know we will come through it, hopefully much better humans but we also are fully aware of how lucky we are and we practice gratitude during our meditation each day.

If you are finding things tough and would like to have a chat about your biz, small humans, how to help your dogs through this time or even how not to kill your husband LOL, please feel free to get in touch.

We will get through this time, together.

Take care and see you on the next Blog,

Lisa xx