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This beautiful lil lady is Bella:

She joined the Stardust gang as a 10 week old puppy back in 2013.
I was instantly in love with her and given she was so young, I was determined to show her what an amazing and wonderful place the world is. 
I wanted her to be a confident and happy dog. 
In my quest, I possibly spoiled Bella too much but neither of us are complaining about that. Bella would sit up front in the doggy van with me when she was able to come out with the gang and on wet / windy days she would be tucked up inside my jacket. At some point she did take to sitting in the hood of my jacket, not sure what that was all about but it did keep her snuggly and warm. 
Bella is a King Charles Spaniel and although very warm and loving, this breed can be a bit skittery, so I always ensured very gentle chats with Bella to reassure her. This seems to have worked a treat as fast forward to today and Bella is a confident and loving little lady who comes out with the gang no problem. 
She enjoys her walks and off lead time immensely and still loves a cuddle. 
Over the last few years Bella has formed a very close bond with my human daughter Caoimhe, they adore each other which is very cute. When Caoimhe is around I do not get a look in! When Bella comes for sleep overs she can often be found tucked up in bed with Caoimhe. 
Due to the small snout, Bella snores like a trooper! I swear she could wake the dead but from such a small lady it’s hilarious. 
Bella earned the nickname Baby Bella at the very beginning and it has stuck, although almost 6, she is still very much our baby. 
Bella’s Mummy is due to have their first human baby very shortly and given how fab Bella is with my little ones, she is sure to be a wonderful big sister! 
If you have a fur baby which needs an extra dose of love and attention whilst you are out or at work, give me a shout. 
See you on the next blog,
Lisa xx 


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