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Autumn is now upon us...

So, it’s that time of year again, Autumn is now upon us with Winter not too far off. 
Now don’t get me wrong, I love Autumn with all the beautiful colours and leaves to run through but the cold and wet weather does leave me a little flat, not to mention it getting dark at 4pm.
Most of us start to up our intake of vitamins C and D in order to keep us fit and healthy and to ward off any colds. We use lip balm and hand cream to protect us from the weather and if you’re like me the use of essential oils will double and herbal teas are a staple. 
We try to eat well and exercise ensuring that we keep our minds and bodies healthy, so we survive this season and all it has to throw at us. 
We do all these things to protect and look after ourselves as the temperature changes as well as wearing warm clothes and suitable footwear. 
So, what about our dogs? How many of us stop to think about protecting them in the same way?
I mean sure, these days our dogs are very much part of the family, so we ensure they have nice warm jackets and fancy new winter collars but do we protect their bodies and immune systems as we do our own?
Dog’s paws are the gateway to their bloodstream, which means any nasties that they pick up when out walking will pass through their bodies. 
Unless of course you subject your poor dog to those awful booties, which if they were a kid would see them bullied in the playground, LOL, those things are just wrong! 
So, what can we do about it and how can we protect our dogs?
Well, essential oils are nature’s remedies, they have been used to heal and protect for millenia and what’s perfect is that being 100% natural many of them are safe for our dogs to use. 
Through years of study and trial and error both on myself and using the oils on my dogs, I have created amazing natural products which will protect them not only the whole year round like the Flea and Tick solution but also when they need it most. 
The immune boost is packed with essential oils which will protect our dog’s immune systems and help them ward off any nasties that this time of year has to throw at them, such as kennel cough. 
The specially crafted paw protector balm, will protect paws from ice, snow and grit and will ward off infection from anything our dogs may step on when out and about walking. 
I firmly believe that prevention is better than the cure, if we take a stand now and act to protect our dog’s health in the long run, not only will our best friend benefit from a long and healthy life but we will too. 
We will have healthy, beautiful puppers by our sides for longer and we will also save pounds on expensive vet bills, what’s not to love?! 
Your dog will thank you! 
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. See you on the next Blog…….. 
Lisa xx 

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