Providing the Highest Quality Products for Dogs & Their Humans

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Providing the Highest Quality Products for Dogs & Their Humans

Plant based essential oils are nature’s gift to us. These are not new and have been used for thousands of years in medicine and holistic healing.

It is believed they were first discovered and used by the Ancient Egyptians and has gradually grown from there.


Many oils can be used in remedies and alternative medicines, without the use of pharmaceuticals.

Lots of modern day dog foods, products and medicines contain unnecessary chemicals and additives, which may over time cause more damage to our dogs.

Here at Stardust Dogs our mission is simple – to provide dogs with 100% natural, luxurious products for everyday activity and to aid health issues as they get older, to keep them fit and healthy for longer; the added bonus is that they smell amazing too.

Handmade With The Best Materials

Every product is hand blended and made in small batches to ensure maximum quality and freshness and our product range has been carefully crafted to aid specific ailments and protect certain areas of your dog’s body.

They all contain a special, but different, blend of essential oils meaning they are full of pure goodness for your dog.

Every product is hand blended/ crafted, as well as made in small batches to ensure maximum quality and freshness.

Stardust Dog Shampoo Bar.


At Stardust Dogs, we are 100% environmentally friendly. All of our products are made using ethical and natural ingredients, vegan friendly and all packaging is recyclable. We believe in leaving a world for dogs to enjoy for many more years to come.

We stand out from the crowd as there are no other products like ours on the market.

We have taken holistic and yogic practices and literally packaged those into a bottle, so all dogs can experience the same levels of healing, calmness and luxury at home and with ease.

This is a more practical and affordable option, enabling you to heal and spoil your dog.


Thanks to Lisa’s talents, my wee boy has calmed down and I’m comfortable leaving him at home when I go out. He had terrible separation anxiety but now just a few sprays and he relaxes. I wouldn’t be without it

Andrew and his dog Oscar