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2020... What a Year!

Well, 2020 has been a mad old year………………..
Here in Glasgow we are just about a week into Lockdown #2
For us small businesses it’s been a tough year with no end in sight as yet and many of us are wondering if we will be able to reopen fully and if so what our businesses will look like. 
For my part, I have taken this time to regroup and get the projects that I’ve been working on in the background finally off the ground. 
The Stardust Academy is launching soon, this is an online learning platform for the next generation of dog walkers to have top quality training and advice that I wish I had when starting out on my self employed journey. I am super excited to share this with the world. 
I have created a range of natural holistic care products, which will assist dogs in enhancing and prolonging their lives as well as helping owners save money on vet bills! 
Prevention is better than the cure, so the sooner we all start using natural products the better. 
Not only are they better for our bodies and health but also for the environment. 
I strongly believe that this pandemic has been Mother Nature’s reaction to humanity’s abuse of her planet. It’s designed to make us stop and think about our choices and how they affect everything and everyone around us in order to make us better. 
My passion has long since been holistic and natural health care as afterall essential oils and natural healing methods have been used for millennia. If I can help dogs prevent or better live with health conditions then that’s a job well done and I thank the pandemic for allowing me the space and time to work all this out. We must look for and focus on the positives, wallowing and self pity will only drive us  mad! 
In business we are always learning and in times like this we must do even more if we are to adapt, pivot and survive these unprecedented times. 
To hear more on how Stardust is surviving and becoming stronger during a Global Pandemic, listen to our podcast “Stardust Doggy Chat” wherever you get your podcasts. 
Take care, stay safe and I’ll see you on the next Blog. 
Lisa xx

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