1 Hour Group Walk

1 Hour Group Dog Walks

Our 1 hour group walks are tailored to suit dogs of all abilities. 

Areas for dog walking; Robroyston, Bishopbriggs, Springburn, Stepps, Millerston, Moodiesburn, Muirhead, and Gartcosh. 

Dogs are picked up from their home in our custom fitted doggy van and taken to one of our risk assessed locations for a 1 hour walk with 3 of their friends. 

All locations are pre risk assessed by Ziggy and Zane to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment for your dog. As both my own dogs have differing abilities, I try the walks out on them first to ensure it is a right fit for the gang. 

We also go to areas that are quieter, therefore no public parks.  This ensures complete enjoyment for the gang without being interrupted by anyone else and it also provides added safety. 

The gang is deliberately small on each walk, a maximum of 4 dogs, again to ensure safety and enjoyment and lots of one to one time with me. 

During our walks, those dogs who can be off lead for extra exercise will be allowed to do so, provided I have your permission, we play games, which reinforces basic training commands and we also stop for a “group hug” which just means plenty of treats and belly rubs! 

Like kids going to nursery the gang are encouraged to learn and play, therefore they may go for a swim or have a roll in the grass, so might come home a little dirty as the good old Scottish weather can be rubbish even in summer! 

I do towel dry every dog before bringing them home, so you will have a tired but happy dog to come home to, ready to share the day’s adventures with you. 

Our doggy van is fully kitted out with crates for the dogs to travel in and keep them safe. It is also fully air conditioned and fitted with extra air fans and cool mats for the warmer weather. 

Fresh water and treats are provided regularly throughout the walks and I will always change your dog’s water when dropping them home. 

Every dog has their own account on our dedicated software, which you can access via an app on your phone. 

You will be notified when your dog is picked up and dropped home and you will even receive a nice photo of them. Full transparency is very important, so I will always keep you up to date. 

As well as having over a decade of experience as a professional dog walker and trainer, I am also fully first aid trained, so you can have complete peace of mind. 

If you think your dog would love to join the gang on our adventures, please get in touch. 

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