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Hi there, 

I’m Lisa, Canine Experience Officer at Stardust Doggy Care. 
For over a decade I’ve been a professional dog walker, trainer, carer and passionate holistic dog therapist. 
I live and breathe all things dog, so this means that yes, I am slightly obsessed but I am also 100% fully qualified and experienced to help you and your pupper! 
Dogs are family and if yours are anything like my two boys, they will be pampered and receive the best life has to offer. That’s just how it should be. 
I fully believe that prevention is better than the cure. I’ve immersed myself in holistic therapies and worked hard at creating systems which I can teach you how to care for your dog, 
This will not only keep them happy and healthy but could also prolong their life and complement any ongoing treatment. 
As well as the titles above, I have gained qualifications as a Reiki Grand Master, Canine Massage Therapist and in aromatherapy meaning I can make the perfect blend for your dog’s needs. 
Whether your dog has separation anxiety, mobility issues, stomach problems, allergies or a skin condition; if my current range of products can’t target the needs of your dog, fear not, I can make a blend which will assist.  
I can teach you how to better manage your dog’s health through my DIY workshops or online courses


Natural Remedies for Dog Care

Handmade remedies made just for you and delivered straight to your door every month with our subscription package!

Homemade, Dog-Friendly Recipes

Keep your pooch in top condition with our homemade dog-friendly recipes, packed with nutrients and vitamins!

Online Workshops and Tutorials

If you love a bit of D.I.Y why not book in for one of our online workshops where you can make your own natural remedies?
The range of Essential Dog Care and Holistic Dog Care products are designed to enable you to naturally care for your dog at home, without the expensive price tag. 
Complementary therapies have been used successfully for many years to aid the treatment of ailments, however are not a replacement for medical care. 
The DIY workshops mean you can learn about the toxins contained in everyday products and know what to avoid.
You can have natural products which will not only protect you and your precious pooch but, thanks to my use of therapeutic grade essential oils, they will also smell great too. 
If you’ve not already guessed I am committed to ensuring that dogs get the very best we have to offer.
So, using my extensive career as a canine carer, I have created a course for those looking to follow this path but are unsure where to start. 
Dogs give us humans so much, so it’s only natural that we give them all we can back. 
Have a browse at my products and courses, join our mailing list (I promise, I don’t spam) and receive a free easy dog massage book.
If you have any questions, just give me a shout on the contact me button. 
Lisa xx 

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