Holistic Dog Care


Stardust Story

Here at Stardust Dogs our mission is simple – to provide dogs with 100% natural, luxurious products for everyday activity and to aid health issues as they get older, to keep them fit and healthy for longer; the added bonus is that they smell amazing too.

The Stardust Dogs Natural Dog Care product range was borne out of love and sheer passion to help you protect your dog’s health more naturally.

Dog Immune Boost

Product of the Month

Immune Boost – £12.95 per 10ml bottle

A carefully selected blend of essential oils – CBD, frankincense and lavender designed to boost your dog’s immune system and protect them against air born infections such as kennel cough etc.

Designed to naturally boost your dog’s immune system and ward off any illness and infection.

This little bottle of essential oil infused magic will strengthen your dog’s natural defences and keep them in tip top condition.

A gentle blend of lavender and frankincense, these essential oils contain many healing properties such as invoking calm, pain relief and anti-inflammatory.

This helps to restore and retain a natural balance in your dog’s immune system, whilst increasing vitality.

Gently massaged on to the pads of your dog’s paws and behind the ears, this loving action will increase the bond between you and your dog.

Regular use will allow for a build-up of immunity within your dog’s body.

We advise doing this twice weekly for ultimate protection.

Good nutrition is vitally important to keeping your dog fit and healthy.

New book!

It can be a minefield trying to choose which dog food to buy, as there are so many dog food brands available.

In my new book, I have created some quick and easy day to day recipes, in addition to some home remedies, which you can make in advance or as a treat for your dog.

Every loving act serves only to increase the bond between you and your dog, and we all know food and cuddles are the way to their hearts!

Book cover for "Stardust: Doggy Meals & Remedies".